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Paul Rumbuc Michigan (MI)

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American Income Life is licensed in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and is registered to carry on business in New Zealand. AIL also has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: National Income Life Insurance Company, licensed in the state of New York, and Union Heritage Life Assurance Company Limited, licensed in the Republic of Ireland.


We’re looking for a select group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers who see the value in our unlimited opportunity. Say yes to AIL and we’ll give you the ability to have a long-term career, and run your own business as an independent contractor. A career with American Income Life gives you freedom. The choice is yours.

 Paul Rumbuc
Michigan (MI)
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My name is Paul Rumbuc, and  I’ve been with American Income Life for 12 years.  Prior to coming to AIL, I owned my medical billing business and things were going well.  But I just wasn’t making the money that I needed to pay my bills and support my family.  So I started a job search […]


SGA Biography

Paul Rumbuc, State General Agent in Michigan, has come a long way from owning his own medical billing business. Paul went to his first American Income Life Insurance Company Convention in Maui, Hawaii, at the Ritz Carlton. That Convention helped Paul realize representing AIL was the career for him. “I worked really hard to qualify […]

  • Freedom to Succeed

    Want a six-figure income? It's in your grasp. We give you the opportunity to make as much, or as little as you desire. As you gain experience and knowledge, your earnings increase.

  • Freedom to Perform

    If you love working with people and helping them perform to their fullest potential, then AIL is the place to be. Don't worry if you've never been given the chance to challenge yourself in this way, because you'll learn how to recruit, train, develop, and manage others.

  • Freedom to Grow

    How successful do you want to be and what will it take to get you there? Want to be an entrepreneur? Exhibit the ability to train and manage and we'll teach you how to build an Agency, and be rewarded for managing a high performance business.